Bayit Board of Directors


The house is owned by The Berkeley Bayit Inc., a nonprofit established to ensure the long-term management of the property and the programs of the Bayit. The Board of Directors are mostly former residents, and there are a number of alumni who work on specific projects or issues with the Board. Meetings are often held at the Bayit so that Bayitniks can participate.


You can contact the Board at


Current Board Members are:

President: Karen Goldberg (Bayit 1980-81)

Treasurer: Joel Siegel

Secretary: Lauren Goldstein (Bayit 1985-86)



David Ginsborg (Bayit 1986-87)

Marci Fox Greene (Bayit 1980-1982)

Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman (Director, Berkeley Hillel)

Barry Cohn (Bayit 1980-1981)